Everyday Alternative: Golfing with Goldfinger

Introducing Everyday Alternatives One of the recurring themes I will be featuring on this site is called Everyday Alternative. TheĀ idea is to highlight affordable alternatives to the, usually quite expensive, clothing and accessories that are preferred by James Bond. I'll highlight items that are much more accessible to the everyday Bond fans that can give... Continue Reading →

The James Bond Haircut

If you want to incorporate a little bit of Bond into your every day life, one of the easiest ways to start is with the James Bond haircut. One of my favorite YouTube channels is David Zaritsky's The Bond Experience, and he has done a series of videos with his local barber detailing how to... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Everyday Bond

I first encountered James Bond at the age of ten. At the time, my family was in-between homes, and we were living, for the summer, in a small camper at a trailer park more accurately described as a trailer city. The park often had hundreds of campers - some permanent, others temporary - situated on... Continue Reading →

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